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From far off I feel it coming,
As hot wet air drives into us;
That stifling , searing heat.
Your breath, coming fast and shallow;
Marking the thunder’s beat.

Lightning strikes in the distance;
Holding you tighter, now I see
Flashes rip through those dark clouds;
You can’t get close enough to me
As that great storm begins.

I see it running down your skin;
Wetness flows like steaming dew;
My thirsty body drinks it in
As I press tighter into you,
Hearts pounding ever harder.

Then it’s upon us, all around
Those brilliant beautiful flashes;
The incredible earth-shaking sound;
Bodies flinch and spasm in
That wonderful thunderstorm.

Slowly, it moves off in the distance,
We feel little jolts now and then;
Gentle murmurs left behind;
Nature’s little reminders of
The storm left in our minds.

As the world returns to normal,
And night gives in to day,
Just when it all seems to come to an end
You look up at me and say…

“MMMmmmm, baby, do that again?”