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I always wanted a tattoo,
But nobody would ever
Allow me to get one.

“No,” they would say,
“Don’t mess up your body!
Tattoos are so permanent.
Keep yourself clean!

This new ink cannot be removed
As easily as in the past!
You may change your mind
And regret your decision!”

I know they were right,
But I always asked them…
Why would I ever
Want to remove it?

The very people
Who suggested I was fickle
Did not know
Anything of permanence.

This morning, I woke up
To a phone call,
Then I got up, took a shower
And brushed my teeth.

Out of the corner
Of my eye, I noticed
I had a tattoo all along…
On my heart.

And life goes on; it is what it is
And again I ask,
Why on earth would I ever
Want to remove it?

Some things are indeed
As they should be –