My darling,

I began to write this to you when I first fell in love with you and I give it to you now, upon our wedding day.  For it is through loving you daily all these years – whether together or apart; in good times and bad – that I have come to learn what love truly means.  I read it quite often and do my best to keep these vows to you in my heart and mind every day.  Sometimes I don’t follow them perfectly and I am so brokenhearted each time, for I want so very deeply to be perfect for you.  I have come to realize during the course of our relationship that all that I am – all that I will ever become – is what I am in your eyes.  This, then, is what I truly long to give to you for all the days of my life.

Daily Vows

Today, I will love you more than yesterday.
I will not assume that I know everything about you,
But instead, make an effort to get to know you even better.

Today, I will not just tell you that I love you.
Love is a verb, not a noun. It requires action.
I will strive to show you how much I love you.

Today, I will take time to have fun with you.
People get busy with the work of life and forget.
I will laugh, play, joke and make love with you.

Today, I will work hard to take care of you.
When I was alone, I did not need or want much to exist.
Now, I long to work hard so that we might prosper.

Today, I will kneel and thank God for his blessings.
I am both humbled and grateful that he has brought you to me.
I do not deserve His wonderful gift, but I will earn it.

Today, I will share the love you give to me.
You have filled my heart so full of love and joy.
I will share that by being kind and generous to others.

Today, I will love you more than yesterday
At work; at play; in thought and in deed.
And as for tomorrow…

Tomorrow I shall love you even more.