She never knew
of the black,
rotting pit in
my stomach that day,
as I drove
hundreds of miles
through a dead,
snow-laden world,
a whited-out
landscape of
forest and field.

She never knew
of the years
of torture
and turmoil;
the pain;
the heartache
and the scars
that they’d left
in their wake.

How could she
know while she
so innocently
me with her
witty wiles and
flirtatious distractions,
that the love
of my life,
my darling ex-wife
gave birth to
the bastard son
of another man,
one whom she’d forsake
in a moment
if I’d just give her
one more chance.

No, there was
no way for
her to know,
but for that
one pure,
precious gift;
for getting me
through that day…

I shall always adore her.