I saw them there,
laughing as they kicked
the soccer ball back and forth
behind the laundromat,
across the lot from
the mexican market.

Warm, black asphalt.
kick. roll. kick.
What a beautiful
thing to behold
on a sunny day,
this proud young father
and his 3-year old son,
playing together in a
parking lot.

I paused with the dog
as the boy
looked in excitement…
then I walked over
to offer him a moment with
my furry friend
in exchange for a smile.
Frozen in nervous glee,
el nino simply put his fingers
into his mouth and giggled.

“No, thank you, señor.”, papa said
and as we slowly strolled
through the gate
toward my garage, Balto
looked up at me with his
wise amber eyes as
I wondered to myself
whether they had
any inkling that
they were standing
in the exact spot
where that cop blew away
two homeless men
last week, for trespassing
upon his home resale value.

pop. pop.

It was on the news.
Life goes on.