I bid now, Love, farewell to you forever,
As I move on in some defeated way;
To know life’s tricks were far too clever,
And feel your loss until my dying day.

‘Twas God who brought our hearts together,
And fear that stole your tender heart away;
Too weakened now to think beyond today,
Since our once strong ties are severed.

In time’s passing we’ll grow much stronger,
Carry heartbreak’s torch no longer;
Learn again to live, laugh and love too,
‘Tho life will surely differ without you.

Yet still to have you with me for all time,
As your sweet memory drifts, ‘twixt heart & mind.

[A Shakespearean sonnet written for Maria, upon the occasion of our divorce in 2006.]

It would be better, in time, to remember her not for who she was or what she did; but, instead, for how I loved her.