A thousand longing glances
From some dark, mysterious eyes.
Those unforeseen romances;
Many countless, loving sighs.

A stranger’s kiss at midnight,
As each annum starts anew;
To say good night at morning light
The way young lovers do.

The chatting over coffee
With a girl I hardly know;
Creating many dreamy tales
About places we might go.

That chance at new horizons
Whose treasures are yet unknown,
To return with untold stories
To that warmth of hearth and home.

A lover’s kiss, a mid-day tryst
And dancing ’til the dawn;
The making love outdoors at night
To awaken upon the lawn.

The sacred chance to start each day
As though it were my first and last;
To take along only the good
And erase all bad things past.

Still you dare ask me why I’d
Come with you and leave that world?
To me, you’re all these things and more,
My lovely, foolish girl.