Odd, how life goes from 0-100 in the blink of an eye.

It feels like I’m not even trying, yet things are popping all over. Hell, even Google is banging on my door. Here. please. take our contract. we’ll lock you in for a year! It’ll be Googleriffic!

On the other side of the plate, all indications are that the startup is going according to plan. My end of things, anyway. I have no clue what they’re doing on their end, but that will be remedied today when I meet the CEO down at The Drake to interview a few of my people, before which I will pull out reciprocal non-disclosure agreements for us to sign so that we can cut all the cloak-and-dagger crap. Quite frankly, not knowing things pisses me off.

I’ve got RSS feeds coming in for resumes from people in Chicago, Detroit, Cincinatti and Indy. Detroit shouldn’t be too damn hard to staff. Cinci and Indy have me a bit worried. The resumes simply aren’t flowing there. Maybe they just haven’t discovered Craigslist yet. I’ll just have to do it the old-fashioned way, I guess: dig through the resume databases on Monster and Dice.

Obviously, I didn’t take the contract at Playboy. I know you’ll probably think me a prude, but I just don’t feel right about walking into a client every day that might in any way degrade women or promote sexism. On the other hand, I hooked them up with a contact in San Francisco who will provide them with software development contractors, so I’m still going to profit from it, technically. Perhaps I’m just a hypocrite, but at least I don’t have to look at it every day. I’m an extremely sexual person, yet the thought of working for Playboy just turns me off. Perhaps that’s my yin and yang acting up again. More likely, I’m just an intimacy junkie.

Ok. All the world’s a stage and right now, I gotta throw on the suit and go play the role.

Update: 4.14.07

My guys both rocked their interviews. The first guy, Henry, will make a great web/java consultant. Henry’s from Beijing. He’s personable and professional enough, but he doesn’t have the same polish that the rest of us do, which is fine in his team lead role. The guy is SICK on a keyboard. He can hammer out computer code quickly and(almost) flawlessly. His Prove-It scores were ridiculous. Henry’s a money-maker. I knew I wanted to hire the guy when he walked in all dressed up in a dark suit, then I caught a glimpse of white athletic socks sticking out of his shiny black wingtips as he sat down. SuperGeek. Definitely a plus when you’re hiring software developers.

The other guy was sort of a setup for John. I didn’t tell either the candidate or John what I had in mind, but John saw it when he started talking, too. Nilesh won’t be our Chicago Serivces Delivery Manager… he’ll be our National Practice Manager. He about croaked when he heard that. The guy is a natural leader. He even scored the same as I did on his Myers-Briggs personality profile: INTJ. Working together will be a breeze. Hell, it’ll even be a pleasure.

The kicker: the vast majority of our work will be done in the good old USA. It’s part of our business model. Basically, when you have tight time constraints and loose financial constraints, you build it in the US. But, for very low-level code when the situation is reversed: tight financial constraints and loose time constraints, offshoring makes sense.

It didn’t really click for John until halfway through the first meeting that I’d brought in a young Web Consultant who hails from China and a Practice Manager from India. Both of them have a ton of software development contacts back home. Voila! We now have built-in global resources. As much as we’ll ever need. John about wet his pants.

This is fun.