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-I Swim In Stardust-

Out into the bay
I float upon my back,
Drowning in the vastness of
The moonless, midnight sky.

High above me,
There, in the trees,
The little frogs sing to me
“Co-kee! Co-kee! Co-kee!”

Far from the smells
Of roasting coffee
And flor de maga,
Here, only the perfume
Of white jasmine and mango
Dance with the
Scent of the sea.

We are alone, my
Dinoflagellae and I.
Buoyed by my millions
Of unseen minions,
I swim in stardust.

For Nathalia, my crazy little Puerto Rican friend, who is thrilled to be back on the island(applause!) for a holiday and is most excited to visit her beloved bioluminescent bay once again, where the plankton make the waters glow.

Magical places, these. If any of you should ever get the opportunity to visit one, I would definitely recommend that you go. Although they vary in population and intensity, the microscopic creatures which create this effect call the bays of many of the Caribbean islands home.

Copyright © 2008,
christian fauchald