Oh, brooding scribe!
Why must you so malign?
What woes you describe
While you surely imbibe
In far too much red wine!

Can you not summon one single smile
In this world which you so revile?
Is that jagged expression
Of manic depression
Really worth all of your while?

Do tell of pain, of love, of loss,
But let not your whole life be lost
While describing the darkness within.
Remember that there’s a very dear cost
To not letting some sun shine in.

Down and down that rabbit hole
You tunnel like that wretched mole;
As you ply uncharted depths,
But what do you think you’ll have to show
When your mind is left in a wreck?

So chase your melancholy tales
As though they were some holy grail
And bring your very world to tears…
But as you plod your troubled trail
Remember, too, one must regale,
Or he’ll have wasted all of his years!