Mom went in to see the doc and he did 3 needle biopsies. The skin over the lump is dimpled.. and apparently she wasn’t exaggerating too much on how big the lump is. He’s 99% positive she has cancer.

I called yesterday when she got home from the hospital and gave me the news. I’d done some research a few days ago and gave her a list of 10 questions for her doctor, which she’d gotten answers for and reported them back to me.

It appears as if this baby’s been growing for some time. I’d be surprised if it hasn’t spread to her lymph nodes by now. They’ll inject it with dye and find out.

Lumpectomy and definite treatment, chemo and radiation

Mastectomy and possible need for chemo & radiation

I’m pushing for her to go all-in. Take the damn thing off. She’ll be 70 in June, her husband’s been dead for years and I gave up breastfeeding over 35 years ago. She can live without a hooter just fine. She could opt for an implant and I’d support that if she truly wanted it, but the implant itself could potentially cause her problems down the road.

She’s not in good health. When I say that, I mean the woman smokes 2-3 packs a day, never runs short on vodka and is taking, at last count, 28 pills a day for various maladies.

Due to this, any attempt to endure chemo and radiation would be very hard on her. Ask a cancer survivor and they’ll tell you it’s a real ass-kicker, even if you ARE in fantastic physical condition. Hence, I’d like her to decide to take as much as possible surgically, which is much easier than the chemo/radiation route. That way, she’ll only have to undergo the treatments as a last resort.

Her identical twin died almost 20 years ago from lung cancer. Frankly, it’s no small miracle that she’s still kicking at all, but I’ll tell you one thing…. my mother is one tough broad. Hearty Norwegian peasant stock, as they say.

She was an incredibly beautiful woman in her youth. I mean drop-dead hollywood starlet gorgeous. Multi-pageant beauty queen… all that jazz. Everyone chased after the Johnson twins, wherever they went. Hell, the old geezers still tell me how hot my mother was 50 years ago every time I run into them. In those 50 years, she’s been through hell more than once – in fact, she’s all but taken up residence and I’ve spent much of my time there with her – and although she didn’t come out unscathed… she came out. Now, she’s a lot more like the old lady on Throw Momma From the Train, only taller.

One more time, momma. One more time.

We can do this.