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My friend Dave Mendoza – a fellow recruiter – made a comment on his posting in regard to the Freddie Mac CFO who committed apparent suicide recently. I want to share it, and my reply…

If you read more on the Dodd/Frank connection.Follow-the-money:

Top Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac executives include Franklin Raines, former Clinton Budget Director and current Housing Policy advisor to Barack Obama, CEO from 1999 to 2004; James Johnson, former aide to Democratic Vice-President Walter Mondale and ex-head of Obama’s Vice-Presidential Selection Committee, CEO from 1991 to 1998; and Jamie Gorelick, former Clinton Deputy Attorney General, Vice-Chair from 1998 to 2003.

In their positions, Johnson earned an estimated $21 million; Raines earned an estimated $90 million; while Gorelick earned an estimated $26 million. All three top executives were also involved in mortgage-related financial scandals.

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My reply:

I hate to sound all John Gault, but we definitely could use some people with the courage to break the machine… and the stamina to stick around and rebuild it correctly.

What we are experiencing has nothing to do with party lines. It has to do with corruption of power and the fact that corporations – entities which had little rights early on – now have more rights and power than the people who work for them or own stock in them.

A piece of paper should never have more rights in a free country than a human being. We must regain control. In pursuit of personal wealth and security, we have created gods and monsters, both corporate and union, which suck the lifeblood out of our true potential prosperity.

The people of the United States must come together to slay these dragons and tip the balance of power back to the people – the individual – regardless of his/her religion, party or economic status.

They are feeding off us, people. Doesn’t matter which party you belong to and whose lies you choose to believe. As long as they remain in positions of power – both government and political – and keep us arguing with one another over politics(which they care little about), they are more than happy to take turns driving the bus and taking our money.

You see, what they try to convince you of is that Red is wrong or Blue is wrong. This keeps our focus on each other’s political ideologies and gives us a scapegoat to blame things on, rather than focusing on the people in power milking billions of dollars off of us. The Republicans and their military contactors robbed us blind in Iraq. The Democrats and their partners robbed us blind with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The financial corporations worked with both parties to rob us blind again.

Now, with the stimulus package, they will rob us blind again.

Our only hope is to stop being blind. To open our eyes, say to ourselves “this is NOT the way our founding fathers meant for this country to be” and to dismantle and rebuild the machine.

If you think Obama intends to do that, let me remind you that in a little over 3 years, he received more money from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae than any man or woman in Washington DC got in the past 20 years, aside from Chris Dodd, who was his instrumental partner in getting congress to ignore Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae’s impending troubles. I’m not talking a little more money, either. I’m talking 10x as much money in 3 years as others got in 20 years.

We need to come together and open our eyes. It’s not Red vs. Blue, it’s us vs. them… and we need to stand together. This is so much more than special interest and social debate. We can set that side for a few years while we fix a much greater threat to America… our system itself.

Their business model is simple: Divide and Deride. Whichever way the wind blows, the profits will flow.

We are foolish to allow this to happen to us. We must come together to stand up for the individual, for it is staunch individuals who came together to build the dream we call America.