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People talk about their problems a lot. In fact, it probably occupies their minds more than any other single thing.

Many, if not most people think that money will solve their problems. Or love, perhaps…fame…success.

The dirty truth is this… you will ALWAYS have problems. No exceptions. No matter where you go or what you do, they will be there, your constant companions. They will change like the seasons, of course, but they will be there, year in and year out, until you die, at which point, depending on what you believe and how well you lived, you may have an even bigger problem to contend with.

Many of the most extraordinary people in history are only that because of their problems. Even more astonishing is that they CHOSE these problems. Who in the hell would do that?!?!? Well, here’s one shining example…

For a few hundred years, Britain occupied India. The most far-reaching empire the world had ever known had India lock, stock and barrel. One day, a humble, feeble little man proclaimed that the British forces would leave India to her independence without a single shot being fired. That’s quite a prediciton for a very simple little man with no army or office.

He didn’t sit around and bitch about a bunch of politicians not fixing it. He took on that problem himself. It was HIS problem. One little man. He was only human, just like the rest of us. He had concerns just like everybody else about bills and shelter and other daily things(thought he certainly didn’t need much), but how miniscule do you think they felt in comparison to freeing a country of 500 million people? Nonexistent. Since you’re going to have problems anyway… you might as well make them good ones and think BIG. Quit creating bad problems and start creating good ones. They actually make all the pesky ones disappear.

Another lesson that we learn here is about making unreasonable requests. Some people get what they want in life and others don’t. What’s the main difference?

The ones who didn’t get what they wanted simply never asked.

That’s it. nothing else.

More on that another day. I’m tired.

Thanks for teaching us a few things, Gandhi.