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We were out riding the bikes last night and ended up at my buddy Jerry’s lounge, The Victor Hotel (311 N. Sangamon – check it out). Some people might remember the sign out front, which he yanked out of his old club, Shelter, when he closed it in 1998.

Funniest thing happened while were there. We were walking around, mingling with people – lots of intriguing conversation – when some chick approached me and told me how “great” I looked.

“Thanks.”, I said. “You, too.”

She introduced herself. “Hi. I’m Jen. Jen Shefft.”

C: “Hi, I’m Christian. Nice to meet you, Jen.”

J: You don’t know me?

C: “No. Am I supposed to? Did we meet before? Usually I’m pretty good with faces. I don’t forget much.”

J: “You mean, you’ve never heard of me.”

C: “Nope. Sorry.”

J: “Don’t you ever watch TV?”

C: “No. I don’t own one. It’s been about 4 years. I threw it away when Survivor came on.”


Things got a bit awkward after that. I almost felt like I’d insulted her somehow. I told her I had to get back to my friends, but thanks for the compliment, that it was very nice to meet her, and that maybe she could explain further if we run into each other some other time. She told me that she had to get back to her boyfriend, which made me wonder why in the hell she’d dropped by to flirt in the first place.

Strange encounter.

When I got back to my friends, a few people came up and told me who Jen was. She was the original Bachelorette, from the reality TV show.

I dunno who the hell you are, Jen Shefft, but you made me laugh. You’re alright in my book.