The look in your eyes
Says nothing to me but love.
Yet, when you look into mine,
You see everything.
You read every ounce of pain
And joy like words off the page.
Sitting there.
All-knowing, all-feeling,
Staring deep into my eyes.

What could you
Possibly teach me,
If only you could speak?
Or is it I who am
Simply unable to hear?
I know without you
I may not be here.
Have I told you
How grateful I am for that?
I doubt it.
Not out of selfishness,
But out of an
Inability to communicate.

Without my asking,
You lie next to me,
Whenever I need you,
For as long as I need you.
You follow me everywhere,
From the country
To the high-rise
To the suburbs and back
Without ever a complaint.

You’ve never asked for
Anything but love in return.
Your sense of duty
Is disarming.
You’ve been my savior
Countless times.
I wonder if you even know?
I think you do.
Still, you feign disinterest
In everything but your next meal
And a bit of mild entertainment.

My alabaster angel, your love
And patience for me is legendary
Among those who’ve known you.
To those who don’t,
You’re nothing more then
A beautiful ball of fur.
For me, however,
Knowing you removes all doubt…

There is a God.