from Letters to Love

Again I watch as love’s light wanes… as the colors of the setting sun wash out into the vast expanse of emptiness that is the midnight sky. The stars here and there will glimmer for me, tiny glimpses of hope for a new dawn, a brighter tomorrow, these pinholes in the sash drawn upon my existence.

Here now I drift, amidst the ebb and flow of eternity, in the cycles of life and of love. Sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes feeling nothing and sometimes nothing to believe in but love itself.

Truth or legend, myth or ruse, forever a mystery, this enigmatic treasure, at once inspiring and tormenting even the greatest of souls. I wonder now and again whether love is intended for me to consume or if I am but fuel for its flames.

In the end, of course, it matters not… for I am entwined in this tormented tango, this glorious mess, this passionate, colorful dance…

and dance I shall, until my heart lay still.