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You may denigrate my lifestyle
With your ignorant, spiteful lies,
You may try to gloss me over
But still, as I must, I ride.

Do my wandering ways upset you?
Why are you so bent on my doom?
‘Cause I live like there’s no tomorrow
When it’s all that matters to you?

Racing the moon and the sun
From prairie to ocean side,
Chasing the wind until day is done,
Still, I ride.

Do you long to see me stranded
With deep sorrow in my eyes?
Another broken-hearted biker
Stuck along the highway side?

Does my wanderlust embitter you?
Don’t you get a bit upset
Cause I live like I’ve got everything
While you sit chained to a desk?

You may sear me with your enmity
You may sneer as I go by
You may smear me with your animosity,
But still, onward, I ride.

Does my roughness disturb you?
Does it shock and surprise
That I wear tattoos, long hair and leather chaps
Upon these denimed thighs?

Out of the shadow of society’s shame
I ride.
Out, like the phoenix from the ashes and flames,
I ride.
Through mountains high and across deserts wide,
Growling and howling across country side.
Gone, like a specter when daybreak is here,
I ride.
On, all day long until darkness draws near,
I ride.
Living the gift that our forefathers gave,
I am the free in the home of the brave.
I ride
I ride
I ride.

This is only the 2nd adaptation I’ve ever done, but they’re actually quite fun.

One of my favorite inspirationals, Maya Angelou’s Still, I Rise pays homage to the black woman and her struggle to establish her own place in modern America. It’s definitely an uplifting and empowering piece which speaks out against discrimination, both racial and sexual.

The discriminatory element made it an obvious choice for my own adaptation.