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Tell me something. Anything.
Tell me your secrets, tell me your lies,
Tell me what goes on behind pretty eyes.
Tell me your fantasies. Tell me your fears,
Tell me your bad deeds throughout all the years.
Tell me what you show and what you keep hid.
Tell me where you’d go when you were a kid.
Tell me your passions. Tell me your charms,
Tell me who you long to hold tight in your arms.
Tell me of sorrow, tell me of pain,
Tell me how you got left out in the rain.
Tell me of happiness, tell me of bliss,
Tell me how was it, that very first kiss?
Tell me your stories, most of them true,
Tell me what DirtyBadMan did to you,
Tell me your wishes, tell me your schemes,
Tell me your hopes dear and all of your dreams.
Tell me all of the things you want to show,
Just don’t tell me you love me…

I don’t want to know.