Oh, sweet death, eternal bliss, rescue me from all that is. Cloak mine eyes unto the sun and shroud me in your endless light. Lift off these veils of reality and release that one great flood I seek: every question answered in a flash.

All my life, they told me that my body is made of exactly the same things as anything else: a mouse; a tree; a vegetable in the garden. I concluded long ago that my body isn’t what I am; this body is but the cup and I… I am the wine.

So take me when you will and scatter my essence among the stars, that I might live nowhere and be everywhere, for I shall never truly die. This I know for sure: I will see, without looking; I will hear, without listening; I will feel, without touching.

Ignorance be your brilliant shield and fear your very sword. With them you torment the gentle flock: incite elusion to ensure that your name might only be discussed in hushed tones, and never for too long, that no one may dare to discover you in truth. Difficult, I am sure, to be the most famous of all – known and dreaded by every man alive – and still to have your true nature remain unknown. Far more difficult than revealing yourself, but that would spoil your pleasure. Even now I can smell the stench of your vanity.

I envy not your position; only your secrets and I will surely have them all in due time. Try as you might, avoid it as you will, you have no choice but to eventually come to take me… and when that day comes, we both know that your sword will wield no power on my field. Yes, my fated friend, when that day comes, I will not finally be yours; death, you will be mine.