The Purple Lady has been hanging on my wall for 20 years. It was created for me by my friend Angela and for reasons unknown, has always held very strong magic for me. Not surprising, since Angela has always been more than a bit of a mystic. Hell, she even had a black cat.

Strong; graceful; lithe.  A gymnast or a dancer, no doubt. One could only guess, but for all these years, this was the woman in my dreams.

The Purple Lady

One thousand times she’s come to me,
This specter of angelic face;
Upon those nights, one face I’ve seen
One woman, full of love and grace.

She haunts my mind for all my days,
A memory of things not yet had,
Then reappears in twilight’s haze,
As I drift off at night in bed.

Onto the page my passion flows,
For years it’s kept me well content;
Somehow within my heart, I know
This waiting time has been well spent.

Then out of nowhere, she appeared,
In daylight hours, wide awake!
This woman I’ve known all these years;
I feared there might be some mistake.

But then she said she knew me, too
And had been dreaming all this time;
So many years we danced in mist,
Me and this star-crossed love of mine.

A shock it was, but one of bliss,
To find she’s always dreamt the same;
To touch; to feel; indeed, to kiss
Those gentle lips which spoke my name.

Now in compense, at least I know
I may possess her while she sleeps;
The space where dreams do ebb and flow,
Until that daylight inward seeps.

To live, to dwell in slumber’s space,
Where fear and fortune have no say,
Then disappear with but a trace;
Be banished to that light of day.

And til each night I see my love,
I’ll hold her close within my heart
And pray for us, to God above,
One daybreak, soon, we need not part.