A man and his motorcycle… and, every now and then,  a woman, too.

But this is about the bike.

2003 100th Anniversary Harley-Davidson Road King FLHRCI
(Would you believe we had to pay $500 extra for plain black?)
Flame-Etched Fatty Carlini Drag Bars
Screaming Eagle Exhaust
Hypercharger Pro Intake
Remapped Ignition
Custom suicide shift (shown only in some photos)
Touring Seat
Custom rear end suspension drop (1.5″)
Custom .44 Magnum & .357 Magnum casing bolt covers
Custom Fork-Mounted Handgun Holsters (Sig P228 not included)
~$5k in miscellaneous chrome




OuterFocus12 Christian1

ChristianBWC ChristianF Christian_2 Christian3 Christian

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Christian Christian3 Christian_2 ChristianF ChristianBWC