To truly know God, one must be able to gaze in the mirror, be amazed at what he sees and be truly humbled by the fact that he himself could never have created it.

What a privilege it is to be living at this time when we have the freedom to seek and to discover who we are. Not long ago, people didn’t have any opportunity to learn all the wonderful truths I have learned in this life time, because this information and this knowledge was not available at that time to the masses. Throughout history, they had mostly the “Faith of our Fathers” drilled into them, so that’s what most people believed and that’s ALL they believed. They were never allowed to question the status quo… and certaibnly not to question God’s existence or composition.

But I have had the privilege of living in a time when it is possible to discover these truths. So to know and understand that we each have been chosen, and that we have a mission and a purpose for our lives, leaves me in awe of the love and grace I feel and know: that I am a chosen child of God, and that my life has meaning and purpose, as does everyone’s once they are aware.

Just to know this wonderful truth fills me with so much gratefulness, and fills my body with so much light-energy that I know beyond a doubt that the presence of God is in me and that it radiates from my being and adds to the spiritual energy that helps buoy the collective consciousness of our world.

What a precious mission we humans have been given: to bring the light of consciousness (or, for the Christians, God’s Holy Spirit) into the awareness of our universe. We have read and been told, and we know, we are the Light of the World, and we have been commissioned to let our light shine so that others may see and know God’s light is in each of us.

What a sacred journey this is, and what a privilege it is to know and to carry this Light in us and to be an instrument for God’s peace to flow through us to others.

The wondrous miracle that each of us is even here is so beyond belief. From the billions of sperm created in our father, and that a particular one impregnated a single egg in our mother, and after nine months in our mother’s womb, we appeared fully formed on this earth. So what are the chances that you and I would be here, this day and this moment, and we each came from one egg and one sperm? It never ceases to amaze me.

Yes, we truly are chosen to walk in this world – to experience all that it has to offer – and that we have been led step by step to know and to experience the Presence of God’s light and love in us, is a miracle. Yet, yes, we are here now, because we were chosen. How blessed are we.

With that gift comes responsibility…

“I sent my soul into the afterlife, some glimpse of the truth to tell, and my soul returned to me and said, I myself am heaven and hell” The Rubatyat of Omar Khayyam

Heaven is not waiting for you in the future; heaven is waiting for you in the present.