-Eternally Lost-

Awash on a sea of discontent,
Adrift among remnants of dreams;
The surface roils with heart’s dissent,
Yet the darkest depths remain clean.

A journey without destination,
Some ten thousand miles to go;
A voyage of life’s own creation
Whose end only destiny knows.

So hope eternal fills her sails
And love her compass guides;
Faith keeps her within the rails,
And on pain’s keel she rides.

Now and then she spots an isle
And seeks safe harbor within;
True to heart, she stays a while
Then sails out to sea again.

On such a journey there is a goal-
Debatable whether in reach-
To finally find a forever home
On that one golden paradise beach.

But here on this endless voyage
Upon the vessel Eternally Lost
Discoveries here are so dearly earned,
All innocence, the cost.