The Blossom, The Leaf & The Seed

“Master?” inquired the boy of the monk,
While climbing up that ancient trunk,
“Tell me whether it’s better to be
The blossom, the leaf or the seed?”

“The blossom has its glorious bloom
In April, May or early June;
It’s quite the starlet early on,
Then summer comes and it is gone.

Then comes the leaf for many days.
Until the autumn it will stay;
Providing shade it comforts all,
Then drops to earth upon the fall.

The lowly seed is hardly seen
Or noticed up among the green,
And yet, of all, it’s the only one
Whose life has barely just begun.

That little seed, so small and meek,
Will roam on wind and winding creek;
And when it lands, give birth anew
To blossoms, leaves and more seeds, too.

That blossom blooms and then is gone;
The leaf looms long before it’s done;
And yet, they both have chosen wrong,
For only the seed may live on, little one.”