– Remember The Dead –

Remember the dead, but pity them not,
For no matter how we might pretend,
Each played his part after drawing his lot,
All lived their lives from beginning to end.

They had their time here on this earth
One turn upon this living wheel
And had their chance at joy and mirth,
To laugh; to love; to hurt; to feel.

Now we recount their storied tales
Of battles fought and legends earned,
And how they often tried and failed
Then passed along their lessons learned.

So when you hear people recall
The storied, fabled lives they led,
One thing must be remembered now,
‘Twas they who paved our road ahead.

If you look closely you will see
That now, although they may be gone,
What’s best of them will always be;
Their spirit, their essence still lives on.

There is but one thing left to ponder
While we the breathing all do roam:
Though we the living still may wander,
Only the dead are truly home.