Small minds seek to judge, as if they know more; great minds seek to understand, so that they will.

A well-aimed bullet can pierce but one heart; a well-turned phrase can pierce millions.

The vast majority of people spend much of their lives determining whose path to follow. The courageous few choose their destination and grab a machete.

The world would be a much better place to live if people would just keep in mind the two key facts of human existence: we’re all in this mess together and nobody is getting out of it alive.

Anything less than unconditional love is nothing but a business contract printed on a valentine card.

Along the path of our own enlightenment, our actions reveal how far we’ve come; our thoughts, how far we’ve yet to go.

Take pity on the thoughtful man, for he bears the weight of the world upon his shoulders.

Never attempt to apply logic where it doesn’t exist.

Love is a verb, not a noun. Verbs require action or they are nothing more than words.

Tell me something and I will listen. Show me something and I will look. Teach me something and you will remain with me forever.

There are still people in this world who’d rather raise your barn than your rent.

Most curious of all, the romantic heart. It spends a lifetime searching for that which it fears the most.

‘Knowing’ something is not a statement of fact; merely a level of conviction.

Prove me wrong and I will thank you, for I will have learned something new.

Luck is for the faithless and the unskilled.

Keep an open mind. Unprecedented results always begin with unconventional methods.

The nicest thing about falling in love is there’s always someone to catch you.

Arrogant and ignorant don’t mix any better than stubborn and stupid.

Only by the most foolish is wealth measured in terms of dollars.

Without darkness, we could not know light. Without death, we could not know life. Without heartbreak, we could not know love.

Assumptions are like farts. They can never be taken back and they usually make a stink.

The older I get, the more I realize how little I know.

Knowledge is like rope. It cannot be pushed effectively, but it can be drawn in with very little effort.

More often than not, a gentle heart is protected by a rapier wit.

Consider yourself a failure only if you should depart this life without leaving all that you are behind for the world to share.

Appreciate your similarities with others. They are what makes it possible for you to celebrate your differences.

In a world full of puddles, an ocean is easily lost.

Within the parameters of the laws of physics, anything is possible… and even those can be broken through prayer.

A true measure of a relationship is not to be found in the ease of your conversation, but in the level of comfort in your silence.

All things being equal, generosity has a much higher return on investment than greed… and the market never drops.

The inherent flaw in any religion is that it requires one to accept that all others are false.

The people who know the most share two simple traits. They’re the first to admit how little they know and the first to do something about it.

Dreams are but ideas which lack the courage to become.

Love. Real love, is much less about wanting someone to belong to you than it is about your desire to be a part of them.

Why is it, when I ask people how well they’ve invested for their retirement, the first thing they think of is money, and not God?

Some people tend to be silent, not because they have little to say, but because of what they would say, there are so few who could understand.

People in general should spend less time asking God into their hearts and more time letting Him out.

Explore your gifts. Share them with the world. It’s tragic to realize that the greatest musician in history probably lived and died without ever touching an instrument and the greatest painter, without ever holding a brush.

Those who’ve wondered why the most intelligent people aren’t all incredibly wealthy are definitely not the former, and will probably never be the latter.

One does not find love. Love finds you. It is not something to be captured, but something to surrender to.

Intelligence is given at conception, knowledge through interaction and wisdom only upon reflection.

Yes, honey, you have a great ass…if only you’d paid as much attention to your soul.

As a matter of fact, I am God’s gift to the world. Aren’t we all?

The lessons you least want to learn are generally the ones you need the most.

Hopefully someday, before it’s too late for us, the world will come to the realization that love is the cure, rather than the disease.

Perfection relies entirely upon perception.

If I wanted cute and stupid, I’d get a puppy.

Light and darkness are cast into every life. Your happiness depends entirely upon which you choose to remember.

Knowledge is a form of fiction; not born of fact, but of conviction.

Some love to live. Others live to love. Few know the difference.

Perhaps the meek will inherit the earth, but the bold will have such stories to tell!

Logic has numerous applications in life. Love is not counted among them.