We hear a lot about how voter ID laws would potentially disenfranchise some voters.  Excuses abound, from it being too big a hassle to track down a birth certificate to it being inconvenient to travel to the DMV to get a FREE state voter ID card.

There’s absolutely no logic in this mindset: “We MIGHT disenfranchise a few people, so we’ll jeopardize the entire country by giving 7 billion others – including America’s enemies – the opportunity to vote, instead”.  Really? That’s your grand solution?

How about educating Americans on how incredibly critical voting is as well as voter ID?

That we own this country, hire others to run it every few years and it’s really, really important that all stakeholders show documented evidence of their status as a stakeholder in order to determine the future of our most precious asset: everything!

The DMV won’t give out a stupid driver’s license without proper ID, but we should allow virtually anyone who walks in and says “I own this country” to literally determine America’s future – including yours and mine – with no ID whatsoever? How any American could even think that might be acceptable is beyond me.  I’d honestly be amazed if the founding fathers wouldn’t hang you for high treason for not supporting such a thing.  Do they not have a clue as to how many died, how very much was risked and what they sacrificed, to give us each the ability to own this country and his own liberty?

Voting in the United States should require more verification than entering the vault at Fort Knox.  This country is worth a hell of a lot more and the value of that ownership is being greatly disrespected.

If you were a stockholder in a corporation, would you be ok with allowing the general public in to vote at your annual meeting – to control the future of your investments – without any proof whatsoever that they actually owned stock in the corporation?

If you belong to a private club, would you let strangers walk into your meetings and determine your future, without determining whether or not they were even actually a member?  Of course you wouldn’t… but you’d happily throw the future of your country under the bus.

Anyone opposing voter ID should be ashamed of themselves.  You sure as hell don’t love your country.

The United States has the weakest voter ID requirements in the world.  Does this not strike you as odd?  That the most powerful country on earth would let anyone, including foreigners, determine its course?  If this is acceptable, why the hell do we even bother with a military, borders or police?

America is yours.  You own it.  Your vote is the most precious and powerful thing you possess and quite possibly, the most important duty you have, both as an American citizen and as a stakeholder in the American Dream.  It deserves, without question, your absolute and unwavering protection.

For those who think this is overstated, it probably hasn’t occurred to you yet that on November 6th, due to your stance, Al Qaeda members (or anyone else on earth) will be free to walk into polling places across the United States and control the future of your country, without any problem whatsoever.