Democrats would have you believe that they’ve changed quite drastically in the past 150 years.  Lincoln’s admonition would disagree, wholeheartedly.   His words are as true today as they were back then; might as well have been written in 2012.

So what has changed?  During the 50 years after the Republican party was formed, primarily to end slavery, it became more and more apparent to Democrats that the black votes which Republicans forced to be guaranteed – along with those of women – would soon represent far more than 50% of the total population.  So, they sought to control blacks and women and turn them against Republicans, using the same hate tactics they’d used against blacks before abolition and after, with their Jim Crow laws.

The Republican Party was formed largely to abolish slavery, something Washington himself dreamt of doing nearly 100 years earlier

Republicans have always been more pro-civil rights than Democrats

Historically it has been, by large majority, Republicans who drafted, sponsored and/or forced through every civil rights bill and, by majority, Democrats who voted against them.

  • Republicans got blacks the right to vote; 100% of Democrats voted against it
  • The founders of the Women’s Suffrage Movement were Republicans
  • Republicans got women the right to vote: 90% voted in favor;  only half of Democrats voted for it
  • Republicans, black and white, founded the NAACP together
  • A Democrat senate filibustered the Civil Rights act of 1964 for nearly 2 months; Republicans successfully overran it and made it law.

Even Roe v. Wade was decided by 75% republican-appointed judges (6 Republicans, 2 Democrats).

All these things were done by those “Republican white males’ Democrats so badly want you to hate, but they don’t want you to remember that.  (The above statement, of course, is not to minimize the enormous amount of effort by blacks and women themselves, but to illustrate the a point).

The only thing that’s changed is the means of enslavement by democrats; the manner of the suppression itself.

Today, they use their greatest weapon: fear.  They give crumbs to the poor – a life sentence of poverty, in exchange for marginal government housing and welfare, while threatening them that it will all disappear if they don’t forever give the Democrats their votes.

They strike fear into women, leading them to believe that the very reproductive liberties which Republicans gave them would be taken away if they should vote Republican.

“I believe that life begins at conception” does not mean “I believe that my personal beliefs should be imposed upon others, or that they supersede their constitutional rights.”  Republicans have always valued the constitution and personal liberty above all; in fact, Roe v. Wade had nothing to do with abortion; Roe v. Wade was decided based upon the constitutional rights of individuals; personal liberty.

The Democrat strategy is nothing short of mental/emotional enslavement… and it keeps women and minorities exactly where they’ve fought to keep them for the past 150 years: it keeps them down.

Chains of Fear: Who is really holding people down?

Republicans brought you the Small Business Administration, to help poor and minorities and women get low-cost loans and mentoring to start their own businesses, become self-sufficient and successful and support them in going as far as their dreams could take them.

Democrats brought you the welfare program, to sustain the poor and minorities just enough to vote for them in the next election; to guarantee that the poor and minorities would only vote for them for life, while ensuring that they’d never leave the lowest class.

Now ask yourself – knowing all of this, who is actually helping women and minorities… and who is merely inciting paranoia and making more empty promises?

Slavery is alive and well in America, courtesy of the Democrats.

Fortunately, more and more are awakening to the 100-year con.