In my slumber, darkest sleep,
Midnight silence, dreams so deep,
You walk among the gardens of my mind;
Fleeting glimpses of your smile,
The birds are flirting all the while,
Their wistful music keeping perfect time.

The scent of you pervades the air,
Above the flowers, everywhere,
It’s blending in, yet smelling sweeter still;
I note the color of your eyes
Under those sun-drenched azure skies
And know of them I’ll never get my fill.

I see the outline of your face,
So full of life, of love, of grace,
Your figure casting shadows on my heart;
You are so near to me, it seems,
And yet, although it’s just a dream,
I pray to God that we may never part.

I watch the wind dance with your dress
And hear your gentle laugh confess
Just as you disappear again behind the trees;
That you prefer this pas de deux
Much more than you let on, in lieu
Of saying that you’re still in love with me.

The sun shines through your flowing hair
As my heart skips, you turn and stare,
Beckoning me to follow you back home;
And yet, I know it’s all a game,
You’ll never really feel the same,
The way you felt so deeply long ago.

Yet still, I wonder now and then,
Is this just folly or pretend?
Perhaps it’s just your way of passing time?
One thing’s for sure, my little friend,
I hope that these will never end,
Your walks among the gardens of my mind.

Copyright© 2004, Christian Fauchald