Emotions:  What steps do you think we as people should take in order to have a healthy mindset so that we can eradicate impending slavery to our own feelings?

One of the primary things people fail to understand is this: emotions are chemicals.

They’re drugs.  They’re also addictive drugs.  Not necessarily because of the chemicals(neurotransmitters) themselves, but because as they’re repeatedly released over a period of time, the body(specifically neuroreceptors) adapts itself to best receive that particular drug/emotion… and when it’s gone, our bodies beging to cry out for more.

Hence, we get physically hooked, like a bunch of emotional junkies searching around trying to find a score.

What you’ll see a LOT of people doing is running around in life trying to feed their addictions, regardless of what they may be.  Love, pain, anger, lust,  fear, power, control… nearly everything you can think of incites the release of some chemical cocktail in your mind.  Payday! 

We do it subconsciously.  Why do people in hateful relationships STAY there?  Why do abuse victims end up with another abuser, over and over?  Why do lovesick, sensitive people always seem to have “bad luck?”.  Hopeless romantic?  Sex Maniac?  Adrenaline Junkie?  Pffft!  While we most certainly first discovered the feeling by accident – situations beyond our control – as time goes on, we’re creating those situations to feed our habit.  We subconsciously seek them out.  Bunch of little emo-crack hoes, all of us.

Does that mean it’s “all our fault”?  No.  Not a bit.   We’re only human… and slaves to our own thoughts and feelings.  That is, unless we become aware of their game and outwit them.

As stated earlier, the body adapts.  Consciously knowing that we’re hooked on one or two certain types of emotion, we can intentionally wean ourselves off of that over time and break the cycle.

Obviously, as in any other addiction, actually doing that requires something to lean on and focus on: our diet, exercise, meditation, spirituality and, of course, communication… all of these things can help us to not only break specific cycles, but to become more emotionally balanced overall, as well.


What’s your take on this?  Now that you’re aware of how it works, do you know of anyone who exhibits this?  Can you recognize it in them?  In yourself?