Many may try to convince you to stay,
For reasons all of their own;
I, however, will not.
I won’t even ask why you are going;
Only whether or not it is your decision to do so.
Beyond that, I will wish you well on your journey
And rest assured that our paths might cross again, someday.
What is meant to be will be and
True connections made are never truly lost.
So weigh life’s options and make your choice,
My friend, but one thing you should know:
Although you’ll surely go far in life,
You’ll never walk alone;
For wherever you should wander,
I’ll be there in spirit.

May the eyes of the Lord watch over you;
May He guide you with an unseen hand.
May all blessed saints and angels –
In heaven and on Earth –
Watch over you and keep you from harm.
May they shepherd you in love and in grace
Until you shall finally rest in His eternal embrace.
Through the light of Jesus Christ, our Lord,
May the blessings of God Almighty –
The Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit –
Be upon you and remain with you always.