I got into a lengthy debate today with someone on Facebook about the level of violence in the United States.  I regret to report that the outcome wasn’t successful: she still can’t understand the limitations of the study which she provided and she continues to believe that the US is among the most violent developed nations.

Quoting a WHO study, which clearly indicates that the US is among the top developed countries when it comes to death by violence, she jumped to the conclusion that this means the United States is among the most violent developed countries.

Quite certain this last part wasn’t true, I went to the UN myself and researched the numbers.  My report is attached.

While it’s absolutely true that Americans die as a result of violence at a higher rate than other countries, the probability of being the victim of violence is much lower: the UK and Canada violent crime rates are appalling compared to the United States.

The truth is, on a per-capita basis, you are much more likely to get robbed, raped, assaulted, etc in other developed nations than you are in the US.

Click here for full-size .pdf: Violence and Crime – A Comparison

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