It is interesting to read the many arguments for and against gay marriage.  I’ve yet to find anyone, though, who doesn’t – at least unknowingly – undermine their own core beliefs in rallying against it.

As a Liberal – one believes in progress: if gay marriage is indeed progress – and the social wind certainly seems to indicate that it is so – then one absolutely should support it.

As a Conservative – one believes in individual liberty.  With whom one may marry is most assuredly a personal decision, so one should be in support of it. (This same principle, incidentally, is how Conservative Republicans – not Democrats – determined Roe v Wade, thus legalizing abortion)

As a Libertarian – this is a no-brainer: with whom you choose to marry is nobody’s damn business but your own.

As a Christian – one is compelled to follow Christ’s teachings, and to reject any old-testament law which conflicts with those teachings.  Here, too, one has no choice but to  to follow Christ in supporting love, lest he deviate from Christianity itself.

The Apostle Paul made it repeatedly and abundantly clear that as Christians, we are no longer to live under the law of the Old Testament, and that to put the law above the faith is abysmal.

To cite one example, he rebukes Peter’s own ignorance for continuing to refuse to eat with the uncircumcised in accordance with the old law, when Christ (and Christians) would put love and faith (the spirit) above any written law.

Those who put the law above the faith are not following Christ. Hence, they are not Christians. They may not understand this… and non-christians may not either, naively believing that the entirety of the bible is Christianity. Christ alone is Christianity. What came before him is merely the backstory of how Christianity came to be.

By adhering to ALL the laws, Peter thought he was being a “Good Christian”.  He wasn’t. Many of the more vocal hardliners today make the same mistakes and think they’re being good Christians; they aren’t. Until they’re willing to abandon the old laws and traditions for what Christ believed and taught, they’ll be shackled to that ancient law and to their own ignorance.

How Should Things Stand?

“Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”: the government should have the ability to license/tax/track these civil unions, but NOT to determine which consenting adults may enter into them.

“Give unto God what is God’s: the faiths, being independent, may sanctify and consecrate whichever unions they see fit; those which align with their faith.

EVERYTHING else belongs to us – the free citizensespecially the decision as to with whom we choose to unite.

In truth and in fairness, any two consenting adults should be allowed to enter a civil union and enjoy the political/legal benefits of same, even if they’re just platonic best friends.  Not only would it be far more fair as citizens, but it wold completely nullify any straight/gay arguments.  In the eyes of the government, any conjoining of any two citizens should be a “civil union”(the uniting of two citizens).  “Marriage” should be the religious and/or social ceremony itself.

Regardless of your political leanings or your faith, don’t ever let them take that power away from the individual. It is not rightfully theirs; it belongs to you.

Own it.

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