About the Author

Small minds seek to judge, as if they know more; great minds seek to understand, so that they will.



The only true meaning in our meaningless existence is that which we’ve created; the only purpose in life, that to which we’ve committed our hearts.

Nothing imagined; nothing ventured; nothing gained.

Christian lives and works in Minneapolis/Saint Paul and assists clients nationwide, via startup and management consulting, with creating possibilities and bringing them to life.

Most recently, he is co-founder and chairman of ProjectAccept.org, a non-profit whose mission is to support education, awareness and cure research for human herpesviruses and papillomaviruses, particularly HSV & HPV; two classes of ubiquitous, endemic viruses – 2nd only to the common cold and influenza in prevalence – which virtually all human beings eventually host, yet hardly any seem aware.

His greatest wish is that everyone could realize the extent of the power of their dreams and find the courage to act upon them.



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